Brisbane Caxton Street Restaurants

If you're in Brisbane, Australia and looking for a place to dine, dance and party, follow your Brisbane map to Caxton Street, positioned just a short walk or taxi ride from the Brisbane CBD.

Caxton Street offers a popular little stretch of restaurants, bars, night-clubs and music venues that attract party goers from all over Brisbane and beyond who enjoy its energetic vibe. The pub and club scene along Caxton Street makes the place come alive after dark.

Brisbane's Caxton Street Restaurants cater to different tastes - Indian, Thai, modern Australian- you'll find it all on offer along the street. Whether you only want to spend a few dollars on dinner, or are ready to splash out for an extravagant affair at one of the finest Brisbane's restaurants, you'll find what you are looking for on Caxton Street.

Caxton Street restaurants, like most restaurants in Brisbane, offer pavement dining to take advantage of the fantastic Brisbane weather. Grab a seat at one of the restaurants along the street and enjoy mixing with other patrons al fresco style.

Australia's Suncorp Stadium casts an imposing shadow over the houses and streets at the lower end of Caxton Street. This modern 52,000 seat venue is home to sports matches and music concerts, and is well positioned to enable ticket holders to enjoy visiting Caxton Street pre and post-match or concert. The vibe at these times is infectious, so even if you aren't one of the lucky ticket holders, you'll still appreciate dining on Caxton Street and being swept up in the excitement of the night.

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