Brisbane West End Restaurants

You could easily spend more than two months visiting cafés, bakeries, food shops or restaurants in Brisbane's own food paradise, West End. When you check the list of restaurants in Brisbane, you'll be amazed at the number of West End addresses.

This inner-city suburb has dining options to satisfy everyone. It's an old area with a special heritage on the Brisbane map but nowadays sports a spruced-up image. Take your pick of West End restaurants – basic or elegant, cheap or expensive.

How's this for a choice of cuisine? Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mediterranean, Halal, Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Singaporean, Asian, Japanese/Sushi, Australian, vegetarian, pizza …

If you still have some breath, use it to make a booking in one of the many Brisbane West End Restaurants!

From takeaway to al fresco, the international flavours run through this tasty pocket of Brisbane, Australia.

In the colonial history of Australia, West End became an industrial suburb that also provided worker accommodation which evolved last century as a cheaper housing option near the city centre.

Its image began to change with modern developments including the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre on the South Bank. Almost two decades ago, Expo 88 turned attention on South Bank and West End, and they became better known for their share of Brisbane restaurants.

With appetite satisfied, you can enjoy glorious Brisbane weather during a riverfront stroll, knowing why West End is the perfect place to experience restaurants, Brisbane style.

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Stamford Plaza Brisbane

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Cnr Edward & Margaret Sts, Brisbane

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Novotel Brisbane

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200 Creek St, Brisbane

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Hotel Ibis Brisbane

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27-35 Turbot St, Brisbane

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